Cryo2ice Symposium 2024

23-27 September 2024 | HARPA | Reykjavik, Iceland

Poster List

Cryo2ice Symposium 2024
Poster List
Mission Status
1Moving Science to Action: An Overview of the ICESat-2 Applications Program
Aimee Neeley, NASA Goddard
26 Years of ICESat-2 On-Orbit Radiometry
Aimée Gibbons, NASA/KBR
3CryoSat-2 - SIRAL Calibration with Transponders and Corner Reflectors
Albert García-Mondéja, isardSAT
4CryoSat Data Quality Control: Current Status of the Ice Processor
Harry Cook, Telespazio
5CRYO2ICE Campaign: Data quality activities to support the synchronisation of CryoSat-2 & ICESat-2.
Harry Cook, Telespazio
6Linear Impulse Response from ICESat-2 On-Orbit Data
Almut M. Pingel, SSAI | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
7CryoSat data access: current scenarios and roadmap towards future scenarios
Luca Girardo, ESA
8ICESat-2/ATLAS: Instrument Design and Operating Principles
Anthony Martino, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
9CPOM Data and Processing Chains
Ben Palmer, Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling, University of Northumbria
Sea Ice
10Anticipating CRISTAL: An exploration of multi-frequency satellite altimeter snow depth observations over Arctic sea ice 2018-2023
Jack Landy, University of Tromsø - The Artic University of Norway
11Updates to the ICESat-2 winter Arctic sea ice thickness product and preliminary development and assessment of a new summer ice thickness product
Alek Petty, University Of Maryland
12Investigating Weather And Climate Drivers Of Sea Ice Variability In The New Arctic
Linette Boisvert, NASA
13Investigating Rapid Antarctic Sea Ice Decline with ICESat-2
Kyle Duncan, University Of Maryland
Ice Sheets and Ice Shelves
14Revised History and Anticipated Future of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Based on Recent Results on Mantle Viscosity and Satellite Measurements of Current Mass Changes
H. Jay Zwally, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (essic/umd)
15Unveiling Cryospheric Dynamics in East Antarctica: Insights from GNSS Measurements in Schirmacher Oasis to Wohlthat Mountains
Deepak Yuvraj Gajbhiye, Geological Survey Of India
16Long-term satellite observations of Greenland Ice Sheet near-surface density
Kirk Scanlan, DTU Space
17Retrieval of Ice Sheet Topography from Radar Altimetry Waveforms using Deep Learning
Joe Phillips, Lancaster University
18Greenland Ice Sheet Runoff: CryoSat-2 Insights at Basin Scale
Jenny Maddalena, Lancaster University
19Connecting ICESat-2 elevation changes above subglacial lakes to modelled subglacial hydrological systems in Antarctica and Greenland
Aaron Stubblefield, Dartmouth College
20Status and Performance Assessment of the latest Cryo-TEMPO Land Ice Thematic Product
Malcolm McMillan, CPOM Lancaster University
21Subglacial lake activity beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet in coastal Dronning Maud Land from ICESat-2 laser altimetry
Jennifer Arthur, Norsk Polarinstitutt
22A Kalman Filter framework for Measuring Ice Sheet Elevation Change from Radar Altimetry
Jenny Maddalena, Lancaster University
23Impact assessment of multiscale surface roughness on ICESat-2 and CryoSat-2 measurements - a case study
Adriano Lemos, Fmi
24The EOLIS dataset: Monitoring Land Ice from CryoSat-2 Swath processing
Sophie Dubber, Earthwave
25Illuminating Antarctic Subglacial Lake Dynamics with CryoSat-2
Sally Wilson, University of Leeds
26Evaluating processes contributing to changes in Antarctic ice shelf buttressing from ICESat-2 altimetry and WorldView stereo-photogrammetric DEMs
Chancelor Roberts, Scripps Institution Of Oceanography
27Mass balance of Totten Glacier from CryoSat-2 satellite altimetry
Thomas Slater, Northumbria University
28A hierarchy of ICESat-2 land ice data products for accelerating science with satellite laser altimetry`
Matthew Siegfried, Colorado School Of Mines
Mountain Glaciers
29Visible-Light Penetration Depth and Scattering Coefficients of Glacier Ice in the Greenland Ablation Zone
Thilini Bamunu Arachchige, University Of North Dakota
30Mapping Elevation and Surface Roughness Changes of Negribreen, Svalbard, during its Mature Surge Phase using ICESat-2
Thomas Trantow, University of Colorado, Boulder
Oceans and hydrology 
31High-Latitude Lake and River Dynamics
Charon Birkett, NASA/GSFC
32EOT-Polar: Empirical ocean tide model for the polar oceans from multi-mission satellite altimetry
Michael Hart-Davis, DGFI-TUM
33Inland water monitoring using Cryosat-2 data: advantages and limitations
Julien Renou, CLS
34Assessing Arctic Coastal Erosion Hazards with ICESat-2
Celso Ferreira, George Mason University
35Monitoring lakes and reservoirs from space using ICESat-2 and GRACE Follow-On missions
Claudia Cristina Carabajal, Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
Beyond ice and oceans
36Detecting snow in forests with ICESat-2
Thomas Laraia, University Of Edinburgh
37Community Instrument for Validation of ICESat-2-derived Measurements of Snow- and Ice Properties
Markus Allgaier , University Of North Dakota
Synergies and follow-on miss
38Geophysical retrieval from Cristal: design, development and validation
Michele Scagliola, Rhea For Esa
39CRISTALair, the CRISTAL airborne Demonstrator
Albert García-Mondéjar, isardSAT
40Operational Fiducial Reference Measurements over Sea Ice in support of Sentinel-3 validation (ESA St3TART-FO project)
Henriette Skourup, Technical University of Denmark
41St3TART-FO – Land Ice: Provision of operational Fiducial Reference Measurements (FRM) for Sentinel-3 validation over land-ice
Ghislain Picard, Université Grenoble Alpes
42Provision of operational Fiducial Reference Measurements over for Sentinel-3 over inland waters (ESA St3TART-FO project)
Jean-Christophe Poisson, Vortex-io