Cryo2ice Symposium 2024

23-27 September 2024 | HARPA | Reykjavik, Iceland


The Symposium focuses on work that makes use of CryoSat-2 or ICESat-2 or a combination of both satellites.

Missions Status: including CryoSat-2 and ICESat-2 satellite systems, sensors, and data operations, calibration and validation.

Sea Ice: including lead detection, snow loading, sea ice freeboard, roughness, thickness, dynamics and thermodynamics.

Ice Sheets and Ice Shelves: including long-term, seasonal, and episodic changes in ice sheet, ice shelf, and iceberg elevation, thickness, and mass, ice sheet grounding line migration, and iceberg calving, and subglacial lakes and hydrology.

Mountain Glaciers and Ice Caps: including long-term, seasonal, and episodic changes in elevation, thickness, and mass.

Oceans and hydrology: including polar and coastal oceans, regional and global sea level rise, marine gravity, and land hydrology

Beyond ice and oceans: includes vegetation, meteorology, magnetosphere and any innovative application beyond the primary missions objectives

Synergies and follow-on missions: including planned and future missions that build on the heritage of polar altimetry.